Serving You Is Our Highest Calling

We believe that you, as our client, have a right to:

  • Employ the services of persons who have special areas of financial expertise or capabilities.
  • Deal with someone who listens to me and hears all of my needs and concerns, and who responds to me with notes or memos so I may confirm that my needs have been understood correctly.
  • Work with someone who helps me prioritize my short-term and long-term goals and helps develop a plan so I can achieve my goals in the most effective manner.
  • Have a trusted partner who not only critically evaluates a variety of investment and insurance products, but also offers them to me with an unconditional focus on appropriateness and suitability.
  • Know that your financial advisor has the same respect for your money and assets that you have.
  • Communicate with someone who delivers information at a level that I can understand, both orally and in writing.
  • Expect that my financial advisor will remain current with developments in law, taxation, economics, and technology in order to serve my needs professionally.
  • Deal with someone who is oriented toward working with me (and with my family as appropriate) over the long term.
  • Benefit from working with financial advisors who, by virtue of education, experience, technical competence, and adherence to ethical business practices, are recognized as top professionals in the financial services field.